The Island


The Intense Island



Reunion Island is one of the most preserved secrets in the Indian Ocean.

Protected natural landscapes, rain forests, waterfalls, conducive to a stroll, wonderful multicoloured tropical fish along the coral reef barrier, magnificent sunsets on the Indian Ocean, the famous “green-light” and the exceptional sea fauna and flora in the blue lagoon.

Montagnes du cirque de Mafate - Ile de La Réunion



Reunion Island is one of the youngest islands in the world, with only three million years. It has not yet finished its evolution and the South of the island still lives at the rhythm of it’s friendly Volcano eruptions.

With over a hundred eruptions recorded since the beginning of the century, the Piton de la Fournaise, culminating at an altitude of 2,631 meters, is considered as one of the most active volcanoes on the planet.

Classified by specialists as “effusive”type , the volcano is of the “Friendly” kind. Every eruption provides magnificent lava flows giving an opportunity for a collective celebration for the population, and achieves an exceptional show of the union of earth, air, sea and fire.





Reunion Island is also gifted with a unique wildlife, including 34 endemic bird species.

From June to October, the presence of humpback whales approaching very close to shore of Reunion to give birth in its warm seas, offers an exceptional spectacle of nature, while the encounter with the dolphin Tursiops is guaranteed throughout the year.



Bioscientists estimates to 160 the number of flowering plants endemic to Reunion Island.

It is a true eco-museum where plants imported from all around the world acclimated perfectly thanks to the island relief, creating natural climatic stages, favourable to their development. A real paradise for botanists.

Sports & Leisures

Sports & Leisures


Reunion Island is also famous for its leisures and sports activities.

– Hiking, over 1000 Km of signposted hiking trails and two Ultra-trail paths
– Canyoning with more than 70 canyons
– Paragliding with many flying zones, for all levels
– Windsurf and Kite-surf all over the lagoons and in specific areas of the marine reserve
– Big-Fishing, Reunion Island holding the Women World Record
– Scuba Diving, many breathtaking sites to discover with certified teachers
– Mountain Biking more than 1400 km of signposted tracks

Discover also ULM, Helicopter, Cruises, Golf, Climbing, Sailing, Water-skiing, Horse riding, Skydiving…